​​Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery
The CAAIR Recovery Center was created on one basic idea; to provide every man an equal opportunity to achieve a life free from addiction. The founders wanted a place that any man could come to, no matter their financial status, so long as they had an addiction problem and wanted help changing their life... Today that place is CAAIR.

Our Staff


All of the CAAIR staff are recovering Alcoholics or Addicts with two of the staff being members of AL-ANON. Our staff members love to share their experiences, strength and hope with the clients and help them as they begin their journey in recovery. Most of our Dorm Managers are CAAIR graduates .                

Basic Rules

Clients of CAAIR are expected to follow the rules of the Management Team. Disciplinary procedures, up to and including dismissal from the program, will be given to clients who chose to not follow the rules. This is not a comprehensive list. Other infractions of rules set forth by the Management Team may also result in disciplinary procedures.



Potential clients must first go through a screening process to be admitted into the CAAIR program. If you are interested please contact us at (918)529-8600 to start the screening process. Admission into the CAAIR program is based on some basic criteria. Click below for a list of  those criteria.