Rodney Dunnam 


Josh is a proud graduate of the CAAIR program.  Josh believes his life today is nothing short of a miracle.  His wife, kids, and his job are all because of Gods grace and mercy.  Josh believes his main objective at CAAIR is to help men get their lives back in order and he is living proof that it is possible.  "CAAIR provided me with the tools and environment, and I had to work for the rest!"

Jim's background is in farming, ranching, and construction.  After struggling with alcohol and drugs for 30 years, Jim wound up at the H.O.W. Foundation where he finally learned how to stay sober. Jim has been working with drug addicts and alcoholics during his over 20 years of sobriety.  Jim watched God build CAAIR from the beginning and knows that every man here is in God's CAAIR.

Kevin was on the Board of Director’s and resigned his position to come to work at CAAIR.  Kevin has a 30 year background in the Hospitality Industry, working with various hotel brands and franchisees nationwide.  Recently he also served as COO at the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics at John Brown University.  Kevin brings a wide array of executive experience in the areas of Operations, Financial Management and Personnel.

Before Tony came to CAAIR, he had been using drugs and alcohol for 30 years and had no hope or will to live.  CAAIR gave Tony hope and a future and the tools to live a clean and sober life. Tony has now found peace and a new healthy relationship with God and himself.

James Stafford Graduated CAAIR in July of 2018. He believes that sobriety is a way of life that should be pursued daily and feels honored that he gets to help others learn the tools to achieve that way of life. 

Al is a proud graduate of the CAAIR program and has lived in NE Oklahoma for most of his life. He is a musician and active in the local community. Al has a 20 year background in management and a strong desire to get the message of hope out to men wanting a second chance in life.

Darryl Johnson

 Dorm Manager

Kevin Lewis

Director of Strategic Planning

James Stafford

 Dorm Manager

Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery


Take the time it takes,

it takes less time!

Rodney was one of the founding partners of CAAIR, Inc..  His background was in the cattle industry and business.  He had a passion and a desire to give men a second chance in life.  God needed Rodney in heaven!  He took Rodney home on December 13th, 2011.  Rodney will forever be in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him. 

Tony Lawerence

New Client Training Manager

Jeff Nordby

 Dorm Manager

Stuart Martinez

Maintenance Manager

Louise Dunnam 

Vice President of Finance

AL Nihart

Business Development/ IT Manager

Jim Lovell

Vice Pres.of Program Management

George Maynard

Lead Dorm Manager

Ronny came to CAAIR as a client in October of 2013 and graduated the program.  Ronny became staff on March of 2015 and has a desire to assist the clients in achieving and maintaining their sobriety along a spiritual pathway to recovery.  Ronny's sobriety date is March 29, 2013.

Ronny Byrd

Accounts Processing Manager

Steve is from Benton Co. Arkansas.  When He came to work at CAAIR, he became very passionate about recovery and seeing others recover from addiction.

Janet Wilkerson 


Janet is one of the founding partners of CAAIR, Inc..  She is the CEO of the organization.  Her work background is rich in business and training.  She is dedicated to helping men change their lives to become more productive family members, employees, and community members.  Janet is a devout Christian who believes God has total control of CAAIR, Inc..

Stuart is from Hobart, Oklahoma. He is a former H.O.W. graduate and loves working with the clients at CAAIR.  Stuart believes that working with other alcoholics and addicts is the key to his own recovery program.  When it comes to recovery, we can only keep what we have by giving it away.

Donald is one of the founding partners of CAAIR, Inc..  He is the Vice President of Operations for CAAIR, Inc..  He has over 20 years of sobriety and has a passion and a heart to help others.  He learned in Alcoholics Anonymous that to keep the serenity that he achieved as a recovering alcoholic, he must give it away to others.  Donald has a farming background. He looks to God to direct CAAIR, Inc..

Bobby Hood

 Dorm Manager

John Sharp

Lead Dorm Manager

Don Wilkerson


John is from Chicago and a graduate of the CAAIR program.     John endured many hardships in life due to his addiction.  After coming to CAAIR, John received the tools to live a clean, sober, and productive life.  John graduated on 05/08/16 and became a full time staff member here at CAAIR.   John now helps save lives and share hope to those who suffer from addiction.

Josh Chancellor

Lead Dorm Manager

Steve Duncan

Director of Client Services

Jeff is thankful that CAAIR was available when he needed it. Jeff never dreamed he would be working in recovery and helping others find a different way of life.

Darrell Wilson

Admissions Manager

Darrell came to CAAIR as a Client on February 23, 2016. Darrell graduated the program and became the Admissions Manager at CAAIR.  Darrell has a desire to see men achieve sobriety and not see men make the same mistakes he has made in the past.  The CAAIR Team is glad to have Darrell come aboard.

George has worked at CAAIR since it opened in December of 2008.  His sobriety date is November 11, 2001.  Through God and Alcoholics Anonymous, George now has a life that he could have never imagined. 

Louise is one of the founding partners of CAAIR, Inc..  She is the Vice President of Finance for the organization.  Her work history is strong in accounting and HR fields.  Her organizational skills and attention to detail is critical to keep CAAIR running smoothly!  Louise has a very strong relationship with God which helps to lead and guide CAAIR, Inc..

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