Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery


Early in 2006, Donald & Janet Wilkerson and Rodney & Louise Dunnam began to formulate a plan to help addicts and alcoholics.  This plan included building a recovery facility where men could get help without having to pay for the program upfront.  The idea of letting the men work to help pay for their stay in the program became part of the plan.  The plan would enable men who could not afford to pay for help, receive the tools and guidance necessary to begin the process of recovery.

CAAIR, Inc. began in June of 2008 with only six men.  By February of 2009, the second dorm was completed with the ability to house approximately 130 men.  The program continued to grow over the years, and in June of 2015 the third dorm was opened.  As of today there is a capacity for 200 men at the facility.

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