Jess Bartlett - Recovery Educator

Jess has worked full time at CAAIR since January of 2011. After 30 plus years as an alcoholic/addict, he returned to school in order to enhance his ability to help others find their spiritual walk into the pathway of recovery. Jess obtained a Masters in Social Work and has been a drug and alcohol specialist since 2007. Jess has over 19 years of sobriety.

Counselors Office      918-529-0001

Robert Davis - Counselor, M DIV, LPC

Robert has been associated with CAAIR since 2009. Robert served as a Navy Chaplain for 14 years and is a graduate of John Brown University. One of the things Robert believes is that those who have success in sobriety, find a spiritual solution here at CAAIR. 

We provide in-house counseling. Clients will be assigned a small group upon arrival and will be required to attend all weekly group sessions. Clients will also be required to attend individual sessions throughout their stay in our program. During the last 60 days of their stay, clients are required to work with a counselor on an intensive relapse prevention plan and are required to attend the "Life after CAAIR class" to better their chances at long term sobriety once they leave the safe environment of our program.

Neal Garrett - 12 Step Educator

Neal came to us from Stillwell, Ok. Where he started a N.A. group. Neal has a background in treatment since 2009 and has a desire to work with other alcoholics and addicts. He is very serious about recovery. His Sobriety date is June 6th, 2008.