Major & Minor Rule Violations
Clients of CAAIR are expected to follow the rules of the Management Team. Disciplinary procedures, up to and including

dismissal from the program, will be given to clients who chose to not follow the rules.
Listed below is a list of minor and major rule violations. This is not a comprehensive list. Other infractions of rules set forth by the

Management Team may also result in disciplinary procedures.
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Major Rule Violations
1. Bringing or using drugs or alcohol on the premises.
2. Engaging in acts of violence or threats of violence.
3. Theft.
4. Willful destruction of property.
5. Insubordination.
6. Vulgar and/or sexually explicit language, homosexual jokes, and/or comments of any kind.
7. Horseplay or wrestling at any time.
8. Having money or credit cards on the premises of CAAIR or at work.
9. Smoking (including e-cigs) or dipping tobacco in the vans or dorm rooms.
10. Having cell phones, knives, or electronics devices on the premises or at work.
11. Refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test.
12. Leaving CAAIR or assigned work provider premises without prior permissions or with an unauthorized person.
13. Failure to maintain your position at your assigned work provider.
14. Failure to follow the rules and regulations of your assigned work provider.

Minor Rule Violations
1. Failure or being late to attend daily meetings; prayer meetings, dorm meetings, 12-step meetings, and Goose meetings.
2. Failure to get along with others ( not being a team player)
3. Failure to maintain a positive attitude.
4. Failure to do assigned chores.
5. Not removing work boots before entering the building.
6. Wearing of any jewelry except a plain wedding band.
7. Fraternization with any females.
8. Use of any computer or telephone anywhere, except the weekly assigned time for phone use at CAAIR.
9. Having food or drink in the vans or dorm rooms.
10. Wearing any kind of headgear in the dorm or office.
11. Failure to keep dorm room clean.
12. Not being fully (properly) dressed for meals.

Note: Three (3) minor infractions will equal to one major rule violation.