12-Step (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous) meetings are a critical part of recovery. Clients will be required to attend all in-house 12-Step meetings. Saturday night meetings will have a speaker from local AA/NA groups to share their experience with addiction and how they, with the help from the 12-step program, are now living a clean and sober life free from addiction.

As a faith based program, CAAIR believes that assisting clients on a spiritual journey is an essential part of recovery. We endorse and respect all faiths.  We do not wish to mandate any particular religion.  CLients will be required to attend Non Denominational services at CAAIR for the first 16 weeks in the program. After 16 weeks, the client  will have the option to attend church or not. If a participant requests to see a person of a particular faith at the dorm, arrangements will be made for each request.